Sunday, May 23, 2010


Amazing news--I am leaving for Hong Kong earlier. June 4 to be exact. I cannot wait!! My friend Heather just arrived there yesterday (or maybe it's still today their time?) and she herself has a blog devoted to her time in Hong Kong.
Check it out here & follow her!
So far everything looks amazing, especially the gigantic mall called Times Square (above). It reminds me of the Apparel Mart here in Atlanta, but probably A LOT cooler!According to Heather's blog not a lot of people speak English, which concerns me a little considering we were ensured that the majority would. But I'm looking at the bright side & deciding that it'll make the experience all the more interesting.
In other news, I found out that I will be in HK during their Fashion Week, which is July 5-8! I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to participate--runway shows are my absolute favorite. Plus I love a good challenge...remember these from past January?
Speaking of shows, I will be participating in a show this Tuesday in Atlanta! It will be based off of Alice in Wonderland (do you see my excitement now??) expect will be called Adrene in Wonderland as Adrene is the designer. I am ready for a night of big hair, crazy makeup, and amazing outfits! If you care to join check out info here & follow Adrene on her twitter (@HouseofAdrene). I will be sure to take a lot of pictures while I'm there ;)

I should have an interesting video to share with you all soon--I'll keep you posted.

All for now!



  1. Found you through a comment you left me on LB. I can't believe I've never stopped by your blog before! FABULOUS shoes!! Following. Have fun in Hong Kong. :)


  2. I like your style!
    You are very pretty : )


    p.s nice shoes

  3. heyy

    please keep on bloggin! I miss your posts :(

    Greets from Canada

  4. hey steffie

    i love your blog! just wanted to say good luck with everything, and also a quick question.. who is your mother modeling agency? (:

  5. Why does she stopped blogg'in??

    Hopefully nothíng happend to her!!!!!

  6. love your blog :)
    nice post! :)... xoxo <3

  7. I found you on lookbook! your gorgeous!
    what agency are you with in Atlanta? I live in Nashville and love going there for market... so much fun!

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