Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As Promised....

I finally have decent pictures of some of my thirft finds!! Above is the full length leather jacket with the zipper boots!

Here's some other work I've been doing lately :)

Band Jacket; $10 @ H&M.
Black Shorts; $12 @ F21
Shiny Leggings; $5 @ Walmart (Yes the Miley Cyrus brand, ha!)
Necklace; Made it myself :)

Who doesn't love animal prints?! Show me your paws!

Have you all seen my fur jacket from my looks on LB? I love it, and so do all the photogs and stylists I meet so I've shot with it again!

I put the pics below on LB & told I was "rocking a cornucopia of trends" & to cut it down, but what can I say?!

Currently "rocking":
-the band jacket trend
-the liquid leggings trend
-the studded ankle boots trend
-& the big hair trend

What are YOUR favorite trends?
What would you like to see me wear next?
Let me know, leave comments :D
P.S. Who's excited for fashion week?! Can't wait to see shows streaming live, I heart technology!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Color My World

via MDC