Sunday, May 23, 2010


Amazing news--I am leaving for Hong Kong earlier. June 4 to be exact. I cannot wait!! My friend Heather just arrived there yesterday (or maybe it's still today their time?) and she herself has a blog devoted to her time in Hong Kong.
Check it out here & follow her!
So far everything looks amazing, especially the gigantic mall called Times Square (above). It reminds me of the Apparel Mart here in Atlanta, but probably A LOT cooler!According to Heather's blog not a lot of people speak English, which concerns me a little considering we were ensured that the majority would. But I'm looking at the bright side & deciding that it'll make the experience all the more interesting.
In other news, I found out that I will be in HK during their Fashion Week, which is July 5-8! I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to participate--runway shows are my absolute favorite. Plus I love a good challenge...remember these from past January?
Speaking of shows, I will be participating in a show this Tuesday in Atlanta! It will be based off of Alice in Wonderland (do you see my excitement now??) expect will be called Adrene in Wonderland as Adrene is the designer. I am ready for a night of big hair, crazy makeup, and amazing outfits! If you care to join check out info here & follow Adrene on her twitter (@HouseofAdrene). I will be sure to take a lot of pictures while I'm there ;)

I should have an interesting video to share with you all soon--I'll keep you posted.

All for now!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are Celebrities Magazine Covers Coming To An End?

Vogue Italia vs. U.S. Vogue
You KNOW which one you prefer.

Are Celebrities Magazine Covers Coming To An End???
Ad campaigns were first, could magazine covers be next?
It seems that the world is growing tired of the celebrity faces that grace the front cover of magazines because magazine editors are saying "the tried-and-true formula of going to a movie star first is no longer working".
Glamour editor Cindi Leive explains:
"I think what you’re seeing in the magazine world is a certain amount of fatigue with the same old, same old faces. One reason we had a nice sale with Taylor Swift was that you hadn’t seen her on a million magazine covers before and there was actually the hope that ‘Oh my God! I might actually learn something new.’ I think taking risks is serving people well right now."
But magazine guru Samir Husni says with some celebs, there's nothing new to learn. He argues:
"What else do you really want to know about Angelina Jolie? With a lot of these celebrities, there’s nothing left to show unless they actually take their clothes off. We’ve covered them from every shape, every corner. We’ve shown them with their kids, and with their boyfriends and with their girlfriends, so that’s why you’re starting to see semi-naked soccer players and a semi-naked Tiger Woods. That’s what it takes to survive in a digital age."
He makes a good point. Some celeb articles feel like the same interview as before just reworded!
Elle's creative director Joe Zee suggests finding something new to feature, adding "It’s about commerce. At some point, you have to go and find something new."
So what is that "something new"? We don't even think they know!
So until they figure it out, you'll just have to suffer with the same ol' celebrity saying the same ol' things.
Are U tired of seeing celebrities on magazine covers???

I say let's give the models back the covers, and make these magazines about FASHION again ! No more lame movie/reality "stars"

Top 7

Have you all heard of LookBook ?
It is basically the best fashion website EVER.
I've compiled 7* (my lucky number ;) ) of my favorite trends lately to share with you all.
*They are in no specific order. Don't make me choose haha.
Enjoy <3

Florals, and Stripes, and Nerds, Oh my!

P.S. You can check out my LB here ;)

Until next time...

The Next ANTM Winner to Land the VI Cover

No joke people. ANTM is stepping up their game.
Read all about it here.
These girls better look pretty major!!! VI is the epitome of fashion. BUT, does anyone else find it odd that it's not the American Vogue? My guess is Anna Wintour declined. Who can blame her? These girls hardly ever go anywhere, minus Nicole. Maybe a cover as big as VI will jump-start them & increase their international appeal. I guess for now we'll jsut have to wait & see how this all plays out.
Anyways for any of you ANTM fans (or more specifically Raina fans) I came across this fake cover in her Fashion Spot a few days ago, and now I wonder if someone was hinting at the possibility of ANTM putting the winners on VI.
If only...



I will be in Hong Kong in less than a month!!!! In case you haven't heard about it on my Twitter (xosteffantor), I'm going to be modeling in HK for 2 whole months! It's gonna be a great way to spend my summer and even thought it's gonna be a lot of work, I'm still thinking of it as a payed vacation ;) I am going to try my best to do a "travel blog" during my stay. But until then here's some attractions I plan on seeing...

HK has surprisingly nice beaches


Bargain Shopping
*Ladies Street*

More Shopping...Mongkok

Ocean Park

The Skyline


Have any of you ever been to Hong Kong? Any must-see attractions! Let me know :D
Until next time...

A Dream Come True

This was as an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot for The Piedmont Review. My Favorite didn't make it into the magazine, but I had to share it with you all anyway. The dress is by Christina Sans (Hippie Bride) is HANDMADE, and all the embellishments are antique jewelry, some dating back to over 100 years!
The page from the magazine is below.

The quilt dress in the left was made on the spot! It was simply an antique quilt, but Christina sewed it right then and there, making it into something anything unimaginable. The jacket is Alexander McQueen, meant as a tribute as he died a few weeks before this shoot.
That is all for now!
P.S. Like the bottom left pic? We make a cute Alice in Wonderland trio, eh?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As Promised....

I finally have decent pictures of some of my thirft finds!! Above is the full length leather jacket with the zipper boots!

Here's some other work I've been doing lately :)

Band Jacket; $10 @ H&M.
Black Shorts; $12 @ F21
Shiny Leggings; $5 @ Walmart (Yes the Miley Cyrus brand, ha!)
Necklace; Made it myself :)

Who doesn't love animal prints?! Show me your paws!

Have you all seen my fur jacket from my looks on LB? I love it, and so do all the photogs and stylists I meet so I've shot with it again!

I put the pics below on LB & told I was "rocking a cornucopia of trends" & to cut it down, but what can I say?!

Currently "rocking":
-the band jacket trend
-the liquid leggings trend
-the studded ankle boots trend
-& the big hair trend

What are YOUR favorite trends?
What would you like to see me wear next?
Let me know, leave comments :D
P.S. Who's excited for fashion week?! Can't wait to see shows streaming live, I heart technology!