Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Next ANTM Winner to Land the VI Cover

No joke people. ANTM is stepping up their game.
Read all about it here.
These girls better look pretty major!!! VI is the epitome of fashion. BUT, does anyone else find it odd that it's not the American Vogue? My guess is Anna Wintour declined. Who can blame her? These girls hardly ever go anywhere, minus Nicole. Maybe a cover as big as VI will jump-start them & increase their international appeal. I guess for now we'll jsut have to wait & see how this all plays out.
Anyways for any of you ANTM fans (or more specifically Raina fans) I came across this fake cover in her Fashion Spot a few days ago, and now I wonder if someone was hinting at the possibility of ANTM putting the winners on VI.
If only...


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